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Canfield Big Block Chevrolet

Made in the USA! Canfield 310 Aluminum big block Chevrolet heads are considered one of the best bangs for your buck on the market. Canfield 310 heads are the perfect choice for 427-509 cu in engines

VALVE LIFT .100 .200 .300 .400 .500 .600 .700 .800
Intake Port    72  161  240  299  339  358  356  355
Exhaust Port 74  126  181  224  256  286  306  317
These are typical flow numbers at 28 inches of water measured on a SF 600 bench by an independent shop.


Intake runner volume 310 c.c.

Typical 2.450 x 1.750 rectangular port opening. 24.5 degree intake valve angle
Intake seat insert 2.375 diameter for up to a 2.35 valve
Exhaust runner volume 100 c.c. Typical 1.625 x 1.900 modified D shaped exhaust port
Exhaust insert 1.937 diameter. For use with 1.88 valve
Exhaust port raised .600 inch
Combustion chamber size 118 c.c.
Head bolt or studs requires 5 long exhaust fasteners
Optional CNC combustion chambers available 11/32 X .502 manganese bronze valve guides .531 valve guide seal boss
Spring pockets 1.770 diameter
Alloy valve seats 356A virgin aluminum material T-6 heat treat
Standard placement accessory holes Roll formed holes (stronger than cut threads) 7/16 rocker stud holes .700 thick deck
Chamber roof .500 thick
Port walls .250 thick typical
Airflow exceeds many other heads with cross sections of far greater size
Spark plug provision for .750 reach 5/8 hex plugs both gasket and tapered seats.
Gasket seat style plugs are preferred.
Intake valve (5.300 reference) with .060 spring cup wills typically yield a 2.00+ installed spring height.
Exhaust valve (5.425 reference) with .060 spring cup will typically yield 1.950-installed height, with most aftermarket standard retainers and locks.
*Valve spring retainers, locks, and valve lengths vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. It is not unusual for valve manufacturers to use a plus .050 length as their standard. Valve spring retainers can also be a plus length.
Rocker stud locations with +.100 long valve lengths to yield proper geometry.
Custom length push rods will be necessary
Stud girdles; use a girdle designed specifically for Canfields for best results. Stud girdle will require some different components to be used.

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