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Frankenstein M311 LS3 Aluminum  Shaft Rockers 11 Degree

Frankenstein M311 LS3 Aluminum Shaft Rockers 11 Degree


Fits Frankenstein M311 LS3 castings

1.72 Ratio


Elite LS Aluminum Pro Series Shaft Rocker System

Standard Features


Shaft Needle Bearings
Full complement needle bearing assembly for smooth, precise operation.


Nose Roller
.535” diameter Alloy Steel Nose Roller Wheel


Centerless Ground Shafts
Heat treated and precision ground 8620 Alloy Steel shaft provides years of durable service.


Billet Aluminum Rocker Body
Machined from 2024 aluminum billet, our shaft rockers are designed to withstand race or extreme street applications. 2024 provides excellent tensile and yield strength for maximum durability. Designed to handle today’s modern cam profiles and spring pressures.


Billet Steel Stand
Provides a stable and rigid mounting surface for shaft rocker assembly.


Alloy Steel Lash Adjusters
CNC machined; heat treated alloy steel lash adjusters


Adjusting Nut

ARP 12pt


Pushrod Length varies due to lifter used. Most oem style lifters use 8.100-8.200.

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