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LS3 CNC porting service (Customer Suppled Cores)

LS3 CNC porting service (Customer Suppled Cores)


Customer supplied LS OEM Castings

821, 823, 5364, LSA

If reusing your oem valves,

choose reuse valve option relative to your casting style


Porting service includes

Clean castings

inspect castings

CNC port intake and exhaust runners

Performance 5 angle valve job

Minimum surface clean up

Price per pair

  • General Recommendations

    Wilkes Performance assumes no responsibility for damage if the end user builds an engine without properly verifying he has enough piston to valve clearance (depth and radial clearance both checked). It is recommended for a minimum depth of .080″ on the intake valve and .100″ on the exhaust with a radial clearance of .030″ minimum around the perimeter of each valve.  It is the customers responsibility to verify proper piston to valve clearance.

  • CNC Porting

    On occasion a 100% CNC ported head might have casting areas left “as cast”.This is due to core shift and this in no way affects performance.

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